Tips to Help Plan the Perfect Tailgate at Home

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What are your favorite things about autumn? Do you love cool temperatures? Do you enjoy hiking through the woods? How about apple picking? Or, when fall begins, does it mean just one thing – the beginning of football season?

Whether you love college football or professional football, autumn means that your favorite players are back on the gridiron and it’s time to watch some games. It also means it’s time for some tailgate parties. And you don’t even have to head to the stadium to have a great one! Just invite everyone over to your home and use these tips!

  • Pick a Date: If your friends are football lovers like you, they may have a busy season ahead of them – so be sure to pick your date well in advance. You want to give everyone plenty of time to put your get-together on their calendar.
  • Let Them Know All the Specifics: You’ll want to be sure that your guests know all the specifics about your party. Let them know what time to show up and what game you’ll be watching. Let them know if this is an adults-only party or if kids are invited. And, of course, don’t forget the address!
  • Create a Checklist: There’s nothing worse than your tailgate party starting and realizing you are missing something key things. That’s why it’s important to start a checklist early. You don’t want to be caught off-guard when the party starts!
  • Decide On the Food: One of the most important aspects of a good tailgate is the food. If you’re only having a few people over, you may want to handle all of the food yourself. But if you’re having quite the crowd, think about delegating some of the responsibilities. You can set up an easy sign-up online or ask people to bring a snack or appetizer that they love. And, if you’re having a theme – make sure your friends know so they can bring something that fits right in!
  • Have Plenty of Beverages: You’ll want to be sure you have plenty of beverages for your guests because they’re going to get thirsty as they watch the game. Definitely, have some non-alcoholic drinks for designated drivers and those under the age of 21. And, you can have an assortment of alcoholic beverages should you desire. You might keep it simple and only serve beer and wine – or open up your at-home bar if you’d like.
  • Make Sure You’ve Got Enough Seating: While not everyone will be sitting down all at once, you want to make sure you have comfortable seating for the vast majority of your guests. The seating doesn’t need to be fancy. Pull out some folding chairs or place some pillows on the floor.
  • Keep Your Hot Foods Hot and Your Cold Foods Cold: You want to make sure you have ways to keep your food and drinks at an appropriate temperature. Plan to use your oven, slow cooker, microwave, and stove for hot items. Clear some extra room in your refrigerator for cold items and fill a cooler with ice. 
  • Put Up Some Decorations: Make your space festive! If this is your favorite team playing, decorate with your team colors. Wear your jersey (and encourage your friends to also). Get some plates and cups for the occasion. You don’t need to go overboard – just show some spirit!

Football season is definitely fun! And tailgates are even more fun! Plan a great one this season by using these simple tips! 

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