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Who doesn’t love to save money? After all, it’s always nice to have some extra cash for your savings account, a special vacation, or even to put aside for retirement. And while everyone seems to be looking for big ways to save money, sometimes it’s the little ways that add up the most.

If you’re ready to save some money, maybe some of these little ways can help put a few extra dollars in your wallet.

  1. Check your checking and savings accounts. You may need to change banks to earn interest (or perks) on your accounts.
  2. Look at your cable bill. Can you find a better deal with a streaming service or call the cable company and ask if they can reduce your rate?
  3. Do you have an abundance of “stuff”? Sell it. Use Facebook Marketplace or another online site to get rid of the clutter and make a few dollars.
  4. Sign up for rewards programs. It seems that everyone has a rewards program and you can earn lots of free stuff from dinners to coffee to big discounts. (And if you hate having all of those cards attached to your keychain or in your wallet, download the StoCard app.)
  5. Create a shopping list. Before you head to the grocery store, make a list, and stick to it. Avoid the impulse buys which only add to your bill!
  6. Cut down on going out. Instead, invite friends over. You can do some potlucks, game nights, movie nights, and other evenings at home that might be more fun and cost less money.
  7. Check your credit card rates. You may need to call your credit card company and see if you can get a better rate. If that doesn’t work, transfer your balances to a card with a lower interest rate.
  8. Make your coffee at home. You may love the coffee from your favorite local cafe, but that $5 a day can really add up over the year.
  9. Quit smoking. Like the coffee habit, you can save some money by giving up your tobacco habit.
  10. Head to the library. Your local library has books, magazines, and DVDs – for FREE! 
  11. Shop thrift stores and garage sales. Great deals are everywhere – you just need to look.
  12. Install a programmable thermostat. This will help you save money on your heating and cooling. Check with your local utility provider to see if there are any incentives available for this project.
  13. Buy quality. This goes for all of your purchases from clothing to appliances. You want to buy items that are of good quality so they will last and save you from having to replace them.
  14. Pay cash as much as possible. Paying cash will help you avoid paying interest on purchases.
  15. Shop the sale. Whether it be groceries, sheets, or big-ticket items, check for sales. It may mean delaying a purchase for the sale, but if you can wait – do it!
  16. Cancel memberships you’re not using. If you’re not using it – cancel it. It may even be worth paying early termination fees if you’re not going to use them.
  17. Buy a fuel-efficient car. There are many cars that are great on gas mileage – which can save you some big money.
  18. Pack your lunch. If you’re always heading out to a local place for lunch, try packing your noon-time meal. 
  19. Buy in bulk when it makes sense. Bulk purchases aren’t always a good idea as you may not use the item up before it expires. But if it makes sense – stock up!
  20. Use your online bill pay. Let your bank take care of getting your payments out. No need to use envelopes and stamps!

You’re probably doing a lot of these things already, but adding a few more can definitely help you save. Which ones can you start today?

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