Family-Friendly Podcasts

Podcasts started back the 1980s but really didn’t take off until the 2000s. Now, it seems that there are podcasts for just about every topic you can think of. While many podcasts are geared towards adults, there are a lot of podcasts that children and teens will enjoy. If you’re going to do [...]

10 Spots for Brunch in Philadelphia

Weekends are for sleeping in. Weekends are for DIY projects. And, weekends are for brunch. After all, brunch is the best of both worlds. It’s what you love about breakfast combined with what you love about lunch. If you’re looking for a place to hit for brunch this weekend, then give one of [...]

How To Tell If Your Child Needs Glasses

You expect adults to need assistance with vision as they age, but it can be difficult for kids to recognize that they need help. For them, blurry vision may be their norm, and they don’t know that other people can see clearly. Take notice these 5 things to determine whether you need to make a [...]

How To Create An At-Home Spa

Everywhere we turn there seems to be something that demands our attention. When was the last time you paid attention to yourself? If you are needing some desperate “me-time”, then creating an at-home spa is a must. There are several things to consider when transforming your bathroom into your [...]

Helpful Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Apartment

When spring rolls around there are lots of things you’d like to be doing and cleaning probably isn’t one of those things. But, spring cleaning definitely has its benefits and will leave you feeling a huge sense of accomplishment when you’re finished. Use these tips and tricks to tackle this job [...]

10 Things to Do with Kids in Burlington County

Tired of your kids playing video games or watching YouTube? Looking to find something new to do with your children? Burlington County has lots of activities for you and your family. Winter, spring, summer or fall – check out this list and plan your next adventure! 1. Speed Raceway Located [...]

Concerts Happening This Spring Near Eastampton

Being tucked in the middle of New Jersey has its perks. We are near two major cities that host major events–Philadelphia, PA and Newark, NJ. With a short drive you can see today’s pop artists or classic rock bands throughout this coming Spring. Buy your tickets sooner rather than later. [...]

How To Make Your Own Tea Blend

There are so many benefits to drinking tea over coffee. You’ll hydrate yourself, get a jolt of energy without the jitters, and it helps keep cut down on staining your teeth. Teas are great ways to warm up on a cold day and get an extra boost of antioxidants, and they taste great. Add in […]

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