How to Organize Your Work Desk

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For some, being organized is as easy as not stacking miscellaneous papers on their desk. For others, it seems that no matter what they do, there’s always something out of place. Avoid the headache of losing important documents or not being able to find that note from last Thursday that your boss needs now. Take a look at some of these helpful tips for getting and staying organized at work.

  1.     Create a system and stick with it– Whatever you do, know that staying organized is just as important as getting organized. Try to adopt habits that will make it easier for you to stay more organized overall—like setting up a system where every note you take must be filed away, or every cord must be put back in the same drawer when not in use. Having these rules set up for yourself ahead of time will make it much easier to stick with your new organization system.


  1.     Purge– Being organized requires a little clean-up to begin. Start by getting rid of all of the old files, clutter, and useless knick-knacks that are taking up valuable real estate in and on your desk.


  1.     Buy or make an organizer– Now it’s on to the hard stuff—getting organized. You’ll want to start by buying or making a simple organizer that you can keep on your desk for things you reach for often. You can pick up a cheap one of these at Wal-Mart, Staples, or another office supply store to get started. Then, have fun filling it with all of your work essentials. Don’t fall into the trap of getting a bigger organizer than you need, and mindlessly filling it with items you rarely use. Stick with the essentials, and you’ll thank yourself later.


  1.     Create sections on your desk– Creating invisible “sections” on your desk or work area can be a great way to stay organized. Having a division of where certain things go can help you keep track of all of your items and reduces overall clutter. Do your electronics go on one side, and writing utensils on the other? Does it make sense to file away your notebooks on one side of the desk, and keep bigger binders on the bottom? Find what works for you and stick with it.


  1.     Prioritize– What do you really use on a day-to-day basis? Those are the things you need to keep on hand. Other things, like things you only need to access once a month, should be tucked away and out of sight until you need them.


  1.     Function over style– Don’t get caught up in what looks nice, and try to make your desk look like it’s straight out of showroom. Organization is all about function. It’s okay if you need to keep some bigger items on your desk because you use them often.


  1.     Have fun– That being said, it’s still okay to have fun with being organized. Sometimes color-coordinating things can create a helpful organization system. Pick out some items in fun colors to keep your desk a fun place to be. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time there!

Never again lose that important document in the abyss of your work desk. Follow these helpful tips for keeping your desk organized and clutter-free!


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