Holiday Party Outfit Ideas: For Work, Family, and Friends

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The holidays are just around the corner, and that can only mean one thing—those holiday parties at work, with family, or with friends. If you’ve worn the same jeans and sweater to each holiday function last year and dread continuing the trend, then have no fear! It’s time to branch out a little and explore what other options you have. Here are a few different ideas for holiday party outfits fit for any occasion:

  1.    Work party: If your holiday party is at work or with coworkers, you’ll need something a little more formal than usual. Even though it’s a party, you probably still need to keep your outfit professional. You’ll be in the company of your boss, business associates, and other connections, and if you’re in public, then you’ll be representing your company, too. Keep it simple with an A-line dress, or try a pencil skirt with a nice top and heels. Don’t be afraid to use color or spice up the outfits with accessories like scarves or jewelry since the silhouettes themselves will be pretty conservative. You can find some great pieces that are work-appropriate at places like Lord & Taylor or Nordstrom.
  2.     Family party: Family parties can be a mixed bag. If you come from a more conservative family, then you may want to go with something more modest, but not necessarily formal. Try wearing a nice pair of trousers with a dressier top, or keep it simple and cute with a comfy over-sized sweater and jeans. You can dress up a more casual outfit with heels, ankle booties, or over-the-knee boots with leg warmers. Add some sparkle or pop of color to your outfit with a scarf, and boom. The perfect family holiday party outfit! You can easily find any of these pieces at places like the Gap or H&M.
  3.     Friend party: Spending the holidays with your friends is always fun—and your outfit should reflect that! You can definitely go a little more trendy and stylish at a holiday party with friends. Go with an ensemble that matches your personality and prepares you for a night of laughing, games, and fun. You could try an off-the-shoulder top with pants or a miniskirt, or try a fun and flirty cocktail dress paired with heels. Try shopping the latest fashions from inexpensive places like Forever 21, Target, or Charlotte Rousse.

Dressing for the holidays can be a hassle, but this fool-proof guide should help with some great outfit ideas. Stick to these guidelines, and you’ll be creating work, family, and friend party ensembles in no time!


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