Create a Fitness Bucket List

 In Blog defines a “bucket list” as: a list of things a person wants to achieve or experience, as before reaching a certain age or dying. 

And there are all sorts of bucket lists out there! There are personal bucket lists. There are seasonal family bucket lists. There are vacation destination bucket lists. There are reading bucket lists. You name it – and there’s probably a bucket list for it!

So, why not create a fitness bucket list? Yes, a list of activities and things related to health and fitness that you hope to accomplish! Not only will a fitness bucket list keep you on the path to good health, but it can challenge you to try new things or achieve goals you never thought possible!

Need some ideas for your Fitness Bucket List – here are 75 to get you started!

  1. Do three unassisted pull-ups. (Check out this pull-up progression guide for more help with this one!) 
  2. Achieve and maintain your ideal weight.
  3. Learn to do a cartwheel.
  4. Increase your flexibility until you can do a split.
  5. Earn your black belt in karate.
  6. Compete in a triathlon. (Remember: Not all triathlons are Ironman distance. Start with a sprint distance and work your way up to longer distances – especially if an Ironman is your final goal.)
  7. Bench press your own weight.
  8. Complete a Century Bike Ride.
  9. Climb to the top of a rock wall.
  10. Learn to surf.
  11. Compete in a Tough Mudder. 
  12. Take every group fitness class that your gym has to offer.
  13. Complete the 30-day Burpee Challenge.
  14. Run a 5K race.
  15. Try cross-country skiing.
  16. Get your open-water dive certification.
  17. Complete a 10K race.
  18. Learn a new swim stroke. (The butterfly is always a good one!)
  19. Deadlift twice your bodyweight.
  20. Learn to do a handstand. (Here’s a 30-day guide to doing your first handstand.)
  21. Go snowshoeing. 
  22. Set a goal to exercise five times per week.
  23. Finish a half marathon.
  24. Get a hole-in-one in golf.
  25. Try curling.
  26. Go hiking on a new trail.
  27. Go on a yoga retreat.
  28. Get certified as a personal trainer.
  29. Try standup paddleboarding.
  30. Find a friend and ride a tandem bike.
  31. Finish a marathon.
  32. Go ice skating.
  33. Join an adult sports league (i.e., adult softball or soccer).
  34. Try aerial yoga.
  35. Bowl a perfect game.
  36. Swim in open water. (Be sure you have a lifeguard before heading to a local lake or the ocean for this one.)
  37. Do five pushups. (Here’s a video to help with your pushup progression.)
  38. Try mountain biking.
  39. Learn to downhill ski or snowboard.
  40. Take a dance class.
  41. Do a color run.
  42. Bike to work 3 days per week.
  43. Learn to do box jumps without fear.
  44. Take up boxing.
  45. Try Tai Chi.
  46. Take a bike tour vacation.
  47. Try parkour.
  48. Master the hula hoop.
  49. Try kiteboarding.
  50. Go kayaking with a friend.
  51. Learn to balance in crow pose.
  52. Join a running club.
  53. Participate in a CrossFit competition.
  54. Do 50 double-unders in a row.
  55. Participate in RAGBRAI.
  56. Hike the Grand Canyon.
  57. Try a Pure Barre class.
  58. Play tennis.
  59. Challenge your kids to a 3-point competition.
  60. Take a Pilates class.
  61. Do 90 days of P90X.
  62. Go rollerblading at a local park.
  63. Compete in a stair-climbing race. (Check out these races!)
  64. Run a Turkey Trot.
  65. Play a round of golf in all 50 states.
  66. Try capoeira.
  67. Try a hot yoga class.
  68. Take a belly dancing class.
  69. Get in 10,000 steps a day for 30 days.
  70. Hold a plank for a minute.
  71. Start your morning with five sun salutations for one week.
  72. Exercise with your kids one day per week.
  73. Run a mile in 8 minutes
  74. Be able to climb a rope.
  75. Do a backflip. 

If you had to create a fitness bucket list with ten things on it – which would you choose? Use these 75 ideas to spark your list and then – GO FOR IT! You’ll love the challenge you’ve created for yourself.

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