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Take a look around your apartment? What do you think? Do you love the way it looks? Or, could it use a little sprucing up?

If you’re thinking it’s time to refresh your space – fantastic! And, if you’re looking to do it on a budget – even better! There are lots of things you can do that will freshen up your apartment and won’t cause a big hit to your wallet. 

Need a few ideas? Here are some easy things you might try to give a new look to your home.

  • Create a Statement Wall: Statement walls are great because there are several different options depending on your personal style. 
    • Gallery Wall – Gather up all of your artwork and place it creatively on a wall. You can choose to put everything in nice lines or be more eclectic in your placement. (If you don’t have a bunch of art – head to the dollar store for some inexpensive frames and print some cool artwork or photos.)
    • Shelving and Storage – Who couldn’t use a little more storage? Add some great shelves to a wall – and voila! You’ve got an eye-catching wall.
    • Peel and Stick Wallpaper – Yes, this exists and is great for drawing attention to a wall.
    • Paint – And don’t forget about painting as a way to make a wall stand out.
  • Bring In Plants: Bringing plants into your home is a fabulous way to give your home a bit of a makeover. It’s like bringing a bit of the outdoors in! Check your local nursery or home improvement store for plants – being sure you choose ones that fit your lifestyle. Find interesting pots and hangers so you can display them around your home. And, if you don’t think you can take care of living plants – go with faux ones. There are lots of great looking artificial plants out there that can give you the same effect.
  • Switch Out Your Accent Pieces: Accent pieces are those little knickknacks and tchotchkes that you place strategically on shelves and tables and cabinets. And, while you may not think they add a ton to your home’s style – they do! So why not change them out? Because they’re usually small – they’re often not that expensive – which means your budget should stay intact.
  • Add an Area Rug: Area rugs can have a big impact on a space. Check online discount sites (such as Wayfair or Overstock) and see what might fit your room – and your budget.
  • Swap Out One Big Thing: If you’ve got a little more money in your budget, you may choose to swap out one big thing to refresh the room. A couch, chair, or coffee table can all dramatically change the look of your living room. In your bedroom, you may choose to swap a dresser or nightstands.
  • Rearrange Your Furniture: Want to change up your space without spending a dime? Then all you need to do is rearrange your furniture. There are some online planning tools that can help you do this – so you’re not spending hours arranging and rearranging things to find the right combination. 
  • Declutter: If your apartment is feeling a little cluttered and messy – decluttering may be the answer to refreshing your home. Sell, give away, and throw away what you no longer need or want, and neatly put away the things you’re keeping.
  • Shop Your Home: Another no-cost way to change things up is to shop your home. Go room-to-room and see what you can swap out, and be sure to check your closets for things you put away that you might be able to use now.

Changing up your home decor doesn’t have to mean a huge financial commitment. Use these tips to give your home the style you want without draining your bank account.

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