How to Successfully Sell Your Car

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Big purchases are also big sells. Something that is worth a great amount of money can be tricky to sell. Not to mention, that we all get a little emotionally attached to our cars. Selling a car can be like saying goodbye to a piece of you. Money and emotions don’t mix well. To keep your emotions in check, stick to this list to get your car sold.

  1. Determine the Value: First and foremost, know what the value of your vehicle is. You don’t want to set a price that is too high, nor do you want to lose money by setting the price too low. Look to a trusted resource, like the Kelley Blue Book to get a good estimate of what your car is worth. If the price is too high, you’ll never get any offers on the car, and if it’s too low, you’ll lose out on getting the most for your vehicle.
  2. Make any Repairs: Buyers don’t want to see a fixer-upper. They want to have a new car in good condition that they don’t need to worry about. Make sure all of the parts have been changed fairly recently, and are in good condition. Looks are everything when it comes to buying a car, so make sure any cosmetic repairs are made too. You may not even see the cracks in the leather seats anymore, but a new buyer will. If you don’t want to make the repairs, you’ll have to come down in price so the new owner can have the money to fix it.
  3. Make an Ad: The only way people will know that you have something for sale is to tell them about it. After you’ve determined the value of your car, and you’ve done the necessary repairs, take photos of your car to create an ad. Ad space is easy to find nowadays. You can post it on social media like Facebook marketplace, apps such as LetGo, or even the traditional newspaper ad. First impressions are everything, which is why good photos are vitality important getting that first contact.
  4. Show the Car: You’ve created a killer ad, and the requests are starting to pour in. You need to set up times for interested customers to see your car in person. Coordinate with the buyer on when and where to meet. Have the car in pristine condition. If you are comfortable with the person, then you can go on a test drive with them.
  5. Negotiate: Cars are a big purchase, and people want to talk you down. Expect that, and give them some wiggle room to go down. Start your asking price on the high side, and settle for something realistic in the middle range. If you start your asking price in the middle of what you were hoping to get, you’ll end up on the low end of your desired price.
  6. Exchange of Money: Make it legal by signing over the title to the new owner, but before any pen is put to paper, secure some form of money payment. A deposit, or a percentage of the purchase should be put down before you sign any paperwork.
  7. SOLD!

You now have a large chunk of change that you can use for anything that you need. Let’s be real though–it’s most likely going to buy a newer car for yourself. As long as you use some business sense, selling your car without an agent can be easy.

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