Tips for Moving With Pets

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Moving is stressful for humans. Can you imagine how confusing and stressful it can be for our pets? They can see and sense that something big is happening, but they don’t know what it is. Everything that they’ve known and are used to is changing abruptly, and it can do a number on our furry friends. Here are a few tips to make moving less of an ordeal for you and your pet.

  1. Prepare an Overnight Kit: Keep all of your pet’s essential items in close range. You will want to pack their food, water, favorite toys and blankets, litter, and bowls in an easy to reach locations. Have a few treats on hand as well to give them a little something special for going through a tough transition.
  2. Keep Your Pet’s in a Quiet Area: While you’re packing, loading boxes, and unloading boxes, it’s best to keep your pets away from the action in a quiet location. Keep them in a secluded bathroom or garage so that they don’t interfere with the move. It would be tragic if your pet got loose or lost while you were busy transporting boxes in and out.
  3. Try to Keep Their Routine: While your pets are tucked away in a secure location, make sure to give them plenty of personal attention. Don’t neglect their daily routine just because you’re day is different. By giving them a little more love, and by keeping their schedule, it’ll help your pet acclimate and reduce their stress levels. When your pet is happy, they’ll be much easier to manage and introduce to the new home.
  4. Contact Your Vet: It’s important to let your local vet know that you’ll be relocating. Whether you’re moving across town, or to another state, your vet needs to know. They can update your address and personal information in case your pet gets lost or injured. Your current vet can also give you references for other reputable veterinarians near your new location. It’s always best to go with someone that another vet trusts.
  5. When Able, Drive Your Vehicle: If you are moving across states, try to drive your own vehicle with your pets in a safe carrier. Sometimes, there are certain locations that you must fly, but it is less stressful for your pet to be in a familiar location close to you. If you do drive, don’t let your pets out of their carriers. It’s dangerous for both you and your pet. Keep your pet in their carrier and securely seatbelt them to a nearby seat. Have your overnight bag with your pet’s essentials within arms reach so that you can give them whatever they need while you’re traveling.
  6. Let Them Investigate: After you’ve unloaded all of the boxes, and you’re now putting away simple things, you can let your pets out, where they can roam their new home. Let them take their time in investigating their new surroundings. Let them smell and crawl into the different areas so that they become familiar with the new home.

By making a move less stressful for your pet, you make the move less stressful for you. You want to keep them safe and happy during the entire process. Let your pet do whatever makes them feel secure in their new home, aside from marking or destroying the house. Pets are members of the family, and giving them plenty of support and love will make them feel more at home in their new space.

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