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Traveling, whether for work or pleasure, always seems to bring along some challenges. You might experience missed flights. Hotels that are not-so-great. And then you have to think about how you’re going to stay fit while traveling, too.

If staying fit while traveling is a priority for you, then you’ll be happy to know that it’s more than trying to sneak in a workout. While that’s important, there are many things you can do that will help you keep your fitness goals in mind and enjoy your travels.

  • Start with a healthy breakfast: No one can blame you if you love to try the local cuisine when you’re traveling. After all, it’s fun to try new dishes and explore the restaurants and cafes. But overindulging can be a problem, too – and that can really create havoc with your fitness goals.
    • Be sure to start your morning off with a healthy breakfast. If your hotel serves breakfast, find healthy options. If you have a small refrigerator – or even a big one (if you are staying at a rental home, for example) – then do some grocery shopping for healthy foods like fruits, yogurts, and whole-grain bread.
  • Drink your water: Don’t let up on the water while traveling. Pack a water bottle and bring it with you everywhere. This will help keep you hydrated and help your body process other beverages you might drink. 
  • Walk to destinations when you can: Will you be exploring new destinations while traveling? While you may need to take a car or public transportation to get to places that are further away, take the opportunity to walk when possible. Can you walk to your meeting for work? Can you walk to the beach? Can you walk to the restaurant? Any chance you can take to walk – do it! It’s also a great way to come across places you might never have thought of checking out.
  • Take the stairs: Like walking, take the stairs when you can. Skip the elevator at your hotel. Take the stairs to the top of that monument. Climbing stairs is an excellent fitness activity.
  • Carry healthy snacks with you: Throughout your day, whether exploring the city or sitting in a meeting, you may find yourself needing a snack. Throw some healthy snacks in your bag. Think about bringing granola bars, nuts, or fresh fruit to help you avoid making poor choices.
  • Find some travel workouts you can do: Yes, you can exercise when you travel. There are lots of workouts online that don’t require equipment. You can use the equipment in the hotel gym. You can get a pass to a local fitness center. You can go for a run. Squeeze in a workout when you find the time.
  • Choose experiences that require physical activity: If you are on vacation, look for experiences that require physical activity. Take walking tours. Find a local guide to take you hiking. How about booking a photography tour that has you walking to various spots? Or learning to surf? You’d be surprised by how many “experiences” can get you being active, all while enjoying your travels.
  • Relax and enjoy: Last but not least, relax and enjoy – especially if you are on vacation. Vacations are meant to be relaxing and reduce the stress in your life. If that means taking some time off from workouts and enjoying some good food – then so be it. When you return from vacation, you can make a conscious effort to pick back up your fitness routine.

Whether traveling for pleasure or work, when you incorporate just a few of these strategies, you can keep your fitness goals on track. And you can enjoy your travels, too!

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