Father’s Day Crafts

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When the kids get a little restless, what kinds of activities do you have them do? Do you have them go outside and play? Do you have them read a book? Play a game? Maybe you let them make some crafts?

With Father’s Day coming up, why not let them make some gifts for dad. Cover the kitchen table with newspaper or a drop cloth, grab all of the crafts supplies, and let them get creative.

  • DIY Father’s Day Handprint Craft: Handprint crafts are always cute as they seem to capture a moment in time. This one is quick and easy and they can actually make it with dad. This keepsake will look great in a frame – which the kids can decorate, too – and be sure to date it so you’ll know when it was made.
  • Father’s Day Treat Jar: If dad has a bit of a sweet tooth, then the kids can make this simple candy jar for him. It has a cute little poem on it and the kids can fill it with Hershey Hugs and Kisses. If you don’t want to print the poem, let the kids handwrite it before attaching it to the container.
  • Father’s Day Fingerprint Dish: At the end of the day, does Dad drop all of his change onto his dresser or into a bowl? Then let the kids make this little fingerprint dish. They can push their fingerprints or handprint into the clay and create a dish for Dad. After it dries, the children can paint it and wrap it up for Father’s Day.
  • My Dad Rocks Frame: Take a picture of the kids and then create a My Dad Rocks Frame. Made from a few items you can find at the craft store or your local dollar store; this is an inexpensive project. And if your kids don’t like the look of the natural stones, let them paint them. They can make it as bright and colorful as they like.
  • Easy Father’s Day Apron DIY: Raise your hand if Dad likes to spend time in the kitchen or on the grill? Then why not make him an apron? This colorful apron will get lots of use when dad prepares his signature dish for the family. Your local craft supply store may have aprons, otherwise, order one online
  • Father’s Day Coupons: Coupon books are fun to make and allow the kids to customize them with chores and activities that they want to do for and with dad. Also, think about scattering in some nice messages to Dad amidst the coupons. The kids can tell Dad exactly why they love him.
  • Building Memories with Dad Jar: If the kids love spending quality time with Dad, then this Building Memories with Dad Jar is perfect. You probably have some Legos scattered around your place, and the kids probably have an endless list of activities they love to do with Dad. This craft is great as it leads to spending time together!
  • Father’s Day Baseball Craft: This handprint craft is meant for the dad who loves baseball. It will look so fantastic sitting on a desk or shelf!
  • World’s Best Dad Trophy: What dad doesn’t want a World’s Best Dad Trophy? But why buy one when you can make one? This one is easy to put together, and you can fill it with treats for dad or special messages to express how much he is loved.
  • Tic Tac Toe Father’s Day Craft: Tic Tac Toe may be one of the first strategy games that kids learn to play. Your kids can make a homemade tic tac toe board for dad and then play a game or two on Father’s Day.

Let the kids get crafty for Father’s Day this year! They’ll have fun making any of these sweet crafts, and dad will receive a memory to last a lifetime.

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