How To Create An At-Home Spa

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Everywhere we turn there seems to be something that demands our attention. When was the last time you paid attention to yourself? If you are needing some desperate “me-time”, then creating an at-home spa is a must. There are several things to consider when transforming your bathroom into your favorite spa.

  1. how to create an at home spaSenses: Indulge your senses by setting yourself up with calming aromas. Have candle with a favorite smell, lotions that you want to smell all day, and bath salts that stimulate your senses. Scent is one of the strongest senses that our brain uses to create connections. When we smell something pleasant, our whole mood can shift. Find things that work for you, and put you in a great mood. It’s not just about the nose, it’s about finding things that feel great on your skin as well. You’ll also want the bathroom to be visually pleasing.
  2. Atmosphere: Set the ambiance visually by finding images that you love and color palette that is calming. Keep things tucked away with clean countertops. Have soft lighting and lit candles around the bathtub of different heights. Have candle sticks, votives, and tea lights to create a soothing atmosphere. Lighting isn’t the only thing that sets the mood; music does, too. Have a waterproof stereo to play relaxing instrumentals to put your mind in a eased state.
  3. Skin Care: One of the most important items on this list are the products that you choose to have. The skin on your face is more sensitive than the rest of your body, which means you’ll need specific products. Your feet and face will need the most care. Have face masks to hydrate your skin, exfoliants to slough off dry skin, and serums to plump up the collagen to give you more elasticity. Have deep conditioning foot scrubs, pumice stones to buff away dead skin, and essential oils to detox.
  4. Luxury Items: Have a few items that make your heart sing. You’ll be dreaming of your bathroom all day long, and can’t wait to get home with these things. Sink into relaxation with a massage chair that takes the tension out of your back. Wrap your face in plush towels, have pillowy bath mats, and beautiful containers to organize everything. Spend a little extra on finding a design that you love to keep all of your bathroom products.
  5. Comfort: To create the perfect in-home spa, you’ll want to have items that bring you complete comfort. Have a plush bathrobe to wrap up after your wash the day off of you. Have slippers that keep you snuggled up, and a favorite drink or snack waiting for you. Let yourself have every pleasure that your heart desires.

When you’re in your spa, leave the world outside. Leave your phone outside to unplug for 30-60 minutes out of the day. Tell those that live you with when you’re in your bathroom, you’re not to be disturbed. It’s a few minutes out of the day that you get to take just for yourself.

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