Great Ways to Upcycle or Reuse Old Clothes

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Clothes are more than the fabrics that we wear. They describe to others who we are, and hold memories with them. There are certain outfits that you wear for special occasions like weddings, funerals, and sporting events. Be reminded of your happy memories daily by reusing your old clothes in new and different ways.

  1. Frame: There are some clothes that outlive their use, but they hold a near and dear place in our hearts. Things like baby clothes, wedding dresses, and jerseys all have a special place, but it’s not something that you can wear every day. To hold on to the sweet memories that you have with the clothing article, make it into a decoration. It won’t sit in a dark closet where you’ll forget about it. If you cut a swath of the fabric and frame it, you can see it every day and share the memories with everyone who comes into your home. There are even frames that are made to hold full garments, so you don’t have to cut it. Ask a local framer about your options.
  2. Cut Into Rags: If you have a loved shirt that is starting to form holes, you can keep using it, but in a different way. Cut it up and make wash clothes out of it. You can still see the loved pattern that means so much to you. Even if you aren’t in love with the shirt, you can still use old t-shirts for cleaning and drying.
  3. Make Into a Quilt: To keep the memories alive, you can upcycle your favorite clothes into a quilt so you can keep loving them. As time goes on, you can pass these memories on to other loved ones. Keep a theme for the quilt to make it more special. For example, those in a sorority or a fraternity can cut different t-shirts into diamond patterns to add to a quilt. They can then pass it on to a “Little” or hold on to it for their legacy.
  4. Make into Pajamas/Workout Clothes: Even if your favorite shirt is starting to get worn out in places, you can keep using it in a different capacity. Instead of wearing it out shopping, you can wear it around the house to sleep in, clean in, or workout in. You can cut, tie, or decorate the old clothes to make it appropriate for the new job it holds. Finding a new purpose for old clothes is a great way to reuse them.
  5. Make Into a Pillow: Making your old clothes into pillows is another great idea for upcycling clothes. This option is great for the articles that you want to see everyday but are ok with them getting some love. Things that are precious will be framed, but those that you love and are ok with being touched are perfect for pillows. You can cut the cloth to be used for throw pillows or use them on the bed. Sometimes old clothes hold on to a certain smell that can spark a memory. Keeping these on the bed can be a comforting reminder of your loved ones and bring you joy as you slip off to sleep.

When you make something new out of your old clothes, you give it a new life that can be shared with others. You don’t have to be a DIY expert to make it happen. All it takes is a little creativity and a pair of scissors.

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