10 Things To Have In Your Guest Room

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Hosting a guest in your apartment can be tricky because of the space. You want to give them all of the comforts of home, but you can’t fit everything in the room. Here are the top essentials that you want to make sure are accessible to your guest during their stay.

  1. Trashcan: It’s one of those little things that easy to overlook. Have at least one small trash can in your guest’s bathroom, as well as one in the bedroom. It’s embarrassing and frustrating to need to throw garbage away, and there’s nothing around.
  2. Clock/Alarm: Most phones have taken the place of an alarm clock, but it’s still nice to have one around just in case. If you do have a small clock in the room, choose a digital clock so that it doesn’t tick all through the night.
  3. Space For Clothes: Space is usually limited, but try to carve out some extra room for your guests clothes. Have some hanging space in a closet, as well as drawer space in a chest-of-drawers. Living out of a suitcase isn’t fun, and it takes up lots of space. Let them unpack, de-wrinkle, and tuck their suitcase away until it’s time to go.
  4. Basic Toiletries: Have a little basket of necessities in case they forgot something. It’s inevitable that something doesn’t make it into the suitcase, and things can get gross if you don’t have toiletries. Have some extra cotton swabs, a spare toothbrush, soap, and even shampoo for your overnight guest.
  5. Extra Towels and Washcloth: Lay out extra clean washcloths and towels for your guest to use. Have a few spares nearby incase they need it. It’s embarrassing for your guest to have to ask for more, so put out more than you think.
  6. Phone Chargers: It’s one of those little things that can easily be forgotten. Our phones are everything to us nowadays. Having a dead phone means not being connected to the outside world. Help out your guest by having a spare nearby for them to borrow.
  7. Hair Dryer: This is one biggest space savers for your guest. Let them leave their hair dryer at home so they can pack more in their bag. They’ll be grateful to have a good hair day while you take tourist photos.
  8. Iron/Ironing Board: Being cramped and folded will create fantastically wrinkled clothes. Be a gracious host and think of those little things before your guest gets there. Have a small iron and collapsible ironing board in their room so they can press their clothes.  
  9. Full Length Mirror: Have a full length mirror so they can make sure that their outfit goes together from their head to their toes. If you are low on space, then one that hangs over the door is a great option.
  10. Extra Blankets: Toss an extra blanket or two on the bed. Some people like to be warm and toasty while they sleep. Let them know where spare pillows and sheets are just in case.

Friends are great to have over. By having the room guest ready, your friend will have a much more enjoyable stay. Preparing the room shows that you care about them and that you want them to feel like home while they are away from home.

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