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Have you ever wondered about the number of times during any given day that you say, “thank you”?

But not only the number, what are you saying thank you for? A cup of coffee? Someone holding open the door? Receiving a compliment about your shirt?

Regardless of the reason, two words, thank you, show appreciation and gratitude. 

And no matter the medium, the best way to say thank you is with sincerity.

Whether formal, informal, quick, unique, poetic, specific to the person or position, etc., the most important aspect is that there is a genuine appreciation for someone’s time and thoughtfulness. 

So, how can I thank you? Let me count the ways. 

Traditional and somewhat traditional:

  1. Learn how to say “Thank You” in 100 of the world’s most spoken languages
    1. Gracias
    2. Danke
    3. Merci
    4. Grazie
    5. Bedankt
    6. Asante
    7. Toda
    8. Tack
  2. Words are fun! Try one of these 125 ways to say thank you (The ways:  different, creative, funny, cute, business, formal, without words)
    1. “You read my mind!”
    2. “I’m forever grateful.”
    3. “You shouldn’t have.”
    4. “I’m so lucky I have you.”
    5. “I’m doing the happy dance. Thank you!”
    6. “You’re more thoughtful than my mother.”
    7. “You never cease to make me smile.”
    8. “You’re the best gift giver!”
    9. “Thanks for keeping me in the loop.”
    10. “I’ll be sure to return the favor.”
    11. “It’s an honor to accept this…”
    12. “Your help was invaluable.”
    13. Make them a playlist
    14. Buy them coffee
  3. Go old school and send a thank you through snail mail. If it’s been a while since you’ve sent a thank you, you can use a step-by-step resource to write the perfect thank you note.
  4. Say it in-person.
  5. Find the perfect card at a store.
  6. Use these words of those who might be a bit more poetic – Be careful – you can lose many hours in the day searching for the perfect quote.
  7. If you would like something a little “extra,” send a gift basket or flowers.
  8. Keep a small notebook listing the likes and dislikes of those close to you. It is a handy way to know exactly what to give someone as a thank you gift. 
  9. Pay it forward.
  10. Use sign language.

Some people’s creativity is truly amazing! Over at The Dating Divas, she’s gathered over 100 ideas to help you say thank you in just the right way. 

Here is a glimpse at some of her great suggestions: 

For your Spouse

With a Gift

With Food

To Teachers

There is no need to spend a lot of money on a thank you gift when you can get adorable punny ones that are not expensive at all.

  1. Hand lotion or soap with “You Are Hands Down the Best”
  2. Lip Balm with “You’re the Balm”
  3. Mani-pedi with “Mani Thanks”
  4. “I Can Nutella How Much”
  5. “Thanks a Bundt’ch” – with a bundt cake
  6. “We DONUT know what we would have done without you!” with some tasty donuts

Receiving a gift is quite lovely. Being genuinely thankful and acknowledging the giver with heartfelt gratitude is priceless.

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