Ways to Maximize a Small Space

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Thinking about doing a little apartment redecorating this year? Want to make sure your space looks as big as possible? You’re not alone!

Maximizing space is a priority for everyone! Luckily, there are some simple tips that you can follow in order to make it happen. 

  • Keep Your Walls Light and Bright: You may be attracted to dark colors, but they’re not good for your walls as they can make a room feel small and enclosed. Aim to keep your walls light and bright. Light paint colors are best to make any space seem bigger than it is.
  • Choose Size Appropriate Furniture: When it comes to furniture, bigger isn’t necessarily always better. You want to choose furniture that fits your space. You might choose one larger piece of furniture (couch or sofa) and then find smaller pieces that work well with it. Pay attention to your space – and always take measurements!
  • Mount Your Television: Do you have a giant television? Well, if it’s not wall-mounted, it’s probably taking up a significant amount of space. Look at mounting your television to gain valuable space and get it up and out of the way. Most wall-mount kits are fairly easy to do – so you may not even need to call in a handyman.
  • Delineate Your Rooms with Rugs: If you want to create a sense of separation between rooms, use rugs to do it. They are a great way to showcase spaces – and they bring a cozy feel to your place.
  • Multipurpose Furniture Is Ideal: Look to bring in furniture that has multiple purposes. You might choose a coffee table that also acts as storage. Poufs can be footstools or seating when needed. There are now bookshelves that can be transformed into a desk. Look to get more bang for your buck – and your space – by purchasing furniture that serves you in more than one way.
  • Get Some Great Mirrors: Mirrors have long been a trick of interior designers for making a space seem bigger. Strategically place mirrors in your home to make spaces feel open and reflect the light.
  • Choose Storage Wisely: Storage is ALWAYS important – and something that people seem to never have enough of! Look for storage options that fit your space and can be decorative – so you’re not trying to hide things in closets or the spare room.
  • Have Some Good Lighting: Having a well-lit space will go a long way to making your apartment seem bigger. Keep your blinds and shades open to allow in natural light. Have lamps in dark corners and use mood lighting (candles, decorative lights, etc.) when you can.
  • Use Neutrals: Neutral colors will always make a room feel more spacious. Whites, tan, beige, gray, and ivory are all great choices. Black can even act as a neutral – but try and keep it off of your walls. (You might choose black furniture if you want to bring this color into your home.) 
  • But Bring in Some Color: Of course, don’t keep your space devoid of color. You want to bring in pops of color that can work as accents. This might be in the form of artwork, accessories, rugs, throw pillows and other things that are a fit for your style.

Are you ready to refresh your space and make it seem bigger? Which of these tips are you going to try to make it happen? No matter where you choose to start, take your time, and make your place a reflection of you!

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