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When it’s holiday time at your house, do you have some special dishes that go with specific holidays? Your amazing turkey and stuffing at Thanksgiving? Perhaps your delectable Christmas cookies that are only tasted during the month of December? And what about Easter?

If you have a few tried and true recipes and you’re looking for something new to try this year, here are a few recipes that just might make the cut!

Main Course Options: Not sure what you want to serve as the main course? Here are three options!

  • Copycat Honey Baked Ham Recipe: Ham is a classic Easter protein, and if you’re a fan of Honey Baked Ham – you’ll enjoy this copycat recipe. It has all of the flavors you love from the store-bought version – but at a fraction of the price. Plus, there are some delicious recipes you can make with leftover ham
  • Million Dollar Roast Beef Tenderloin: If ham is not your thing – no worries. Why not go for beef? But not just any steak – go for beef tenderloin. This is the cut of meat that gives you filet mignon – and while being a very lean cut, you’ll find this recipe packs in a ton of flavor.
  • Roasted Leg of Lamb: Leg of lamb is one of those proteins that can seem a little scary to tackle – but it shouldn’t be. This recipe is super simple and will have you wondering why you haven’t tried cooking lamb at home before.

Sides Dishes: While the main course may be the star of the show, Easter dinner deserves some delicious side dishes – like these!

  • Horseradish Mashed Potatoes: Ready to kick those mashed potatoes up? Horseradish will definitely help you do just that! And remember that you can adjust the horseradish to fit your tastes.
  • Duchess Potatoes: Here’s another variation on mashed potatoes that can bring a little bit of fanciness to your table. With heavy cream, butter, and egg yolks – they are definitely decadent – and they form just the slightest crunchy crust when you bake them in the oven.
  • Oven-Roasted Asparagus: Asparagus is a fabulous spring vegetable to make for Easter. The simplicity of this recipe allows the flavor of the asparagus to be the star, and it will work with any of your chosen main courses.
  • Honey Lime Roasted Carrots: Carrots and bunny rabbits go together – so why not make a batch of Honey Lime Roasted Carrots for Easter dinner? They’re both sweet and tart – and just plain good!
  • Tomato Salad: This cold Tomato Salad is great because there’s absolutely no cooking required – which allows you to put your focus on other things. It’s light and refreshing and can be a nice contrast if you have some “heavier” dishes on your menu.
  • Soft Dinner Rolls: Want some soft and squishy dinner rolls for dinner? Give these a try! 
  • Hot Cross Buns: Hot Cross Buns are a part of lots of Easter dinners – and this classic recipe is a good one to try if you’ve never made them before.

Desserts: No meal is complete without something sweet at the end, and here are three desserts you might make!

  • Lemon Cake: This Lemon Cake has just the right amount of tartness to it – and looks so pretty but not fussy with the fresh raspberries on top.
  • Raspberry Macarons: If you want something small to end your meal with, make some macarons. These Raspberry Macarons are the perfect bite – and just a gorgeous shade of pink!
  • The Best Carrot Cake: And you can never go wrong with a carrot cake. This recipe is moist and full of the flavors you expect in carrot cake.

Try a few of these recipes, and you will be guaranteed to have a delicious dinner that everyone will enjoy!

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