8 Thoughtful Housewarming Gift Ideas for Apartments

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The average person is too busy worrying about the basics of moving to think of the little things that make the house or apartment a home. They have the big ticket items that they need for everyday functionality, but they are most likely missing the little things that create that personal touch. Give them things that will remind them of the love that they share.

  1. house warming giftMason Jar Indoor Herb Garden: $20
    Add a little decoration to the window and the dinner table with this unique mason jar herb garden. They come in different colored jars that you can hang or place around the window. Shabby chic is in, and fresh herbs make any meal that much better.
  2. Personalized Glass Cutting Board: $30
    Add some character to your friend’s kitchen by adding a touch of personalization. Make a glass cutting board with their name, favorite color, and patterns which will speak directly to their heart. Wooden cutting boards work well too, but the glass boards will never show wear and tear.
  3. Shower Speaker: $20
    Showers are always more fun when you sing along. This speaker is much more than your average stereo. You can also answer phone calls so that you never miss a beat. It’s waterproof and has a 6 hour battery life.
  4. Bottle Loft: $38
    This gift is perfect for your soda or beer lover. The bottle loft goes in the top of the refrigerator and holds bottle caps with a magnet. It’ll save space in the fridge, and keep your favorite beverage ice cold.
  5. Personalized Map Clock: $85
    Give your friend a personalized clock of their favorite city. You can choose to give them a map of their new city, or a map of their hometown that they recently left as a memento. The map comes in color with a simplistic clock design to show off the map.
  6. Record Bookends: $18
    Vintage records are still extremely popular. Let your musical friend show off their flair for vinyl and novels with these unique bookends. They are going to need those little touches that show off their personality. Every time they reach for a book, they’ll think of you.
  7. Electric Corkscrew: $20
    There’s no need to struggle opening wine bottles any more. Relax in style by giving an electric corkscrew opener. It’s a gift that you’ll be able to start using immediately at the house warming party!
  8. Personalized Doormat: $25
    Give them a gift that personalizes the outside of the home. A beautiful doormat that has their surname will make them feel like their humble abode is a close knit family. It’ll make every part of their house feel like home.

The little things are where a home is created–no matter what size home you have. When you live in an apartment, you have to be conscious of the amount of space that you are using. Bigger isn’t always better. Make it from the heart, and the sentimental value will be worth more than any amount of money.

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