Summer Concert and Music Festival Tips

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Summertime means a lot of things—warm weather, beach trips, cookouts, and spending time with family and friends. But for music lovers, the word “summer” basically translates to three months of outdoor concerts and weekend trips to music festivals, filled with live music and unforgettable memories. While outdoor concerts and music festivals can be a lot of fun, they can also go horribly wrong if you arrive unprepared. What can you expect at a festival and what do you need to be prepared? Behold: the ultimate festival survival guide! Here are the best summer concert and music festival tips to keep you safe and ready to party the whole way through.

Stay clean– Festivals and outdoor concerts and notorious for being hot, sticky, sweaty, and dirty. While some venues offer showering areas for a quick clean off, they attract long lines, they can spread sickness, and can be just plain dirty. Come prepared with anti-bacterial wet wipes, an extra change of clothes, and hand sanitizer or soap.

Keep yourself hydrated– Being dehydrated is one of those things your mom always warns you about, but that you never take too seriously—until you find yourself at festival on the brink of death, willing to do just about anything for half a sip of somebody’s CapriSun. Avoid feeling dizzy, weak, and energy-deficient by drinking water throughout the day. Carrying a water bottle such as a Camelback can help you to remember to drink frequently while on the go, whether at your tent or not. If drinking alcohol, make sure to drink water with each alcoholic beverage to stay hydrated as well.

Bring snacks– Festivals can be draining, so make sure to pack enough of the essentials to get you through all of the dancing you’ll be doing! Try bringing snacks that won’t melt in the heat, such as nuts, energy bars, or other protein-packed and individually wrapped food products. You can also bring a cooler to keep the cold stuff cold, but be careful not to eat anything that has been left out in the sun or exposed to heat (especially meat!).

Have an emergency plan– Between the security, large crowds, and sheer number of people all in one place, festivals can be a hectic, chaotic mess. Always make sure when you first arrive that you take note of your position to any bathrooms, gates, entrances, or other landmarks. Being familiar with your surroundings can help in the event of an emergency and can cut down on panic if you get lost or need to leave unexpectedly. Always pick a safe spot in an open, high, or easily seen location that members of your group can come back to if they get separated.

Learn to recognize signs of alcohol poisoning or heavy drug use– Unfortunately, festivals can also be an environment of widespread drug use and alcohol consumption. Always be aware of your surroundings and learn to recognize warning signs of heavy alcohol or drug use, and if you do see it, you should report it to the nearest authority—you could save someone’s life by alerting emergency personnel.

Summer music festivals can be an experience of a lifetime, and you’ll be able to enjoy every minute of it by sticking to these simple tips. Following these tips can not only prevent you from getting sick, feeling tired, or getting lost, but they can help you stay safe and able to party the whole weekend through!

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