Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do This Week

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Kindness can be contagious, but it takes one person to start the ripple effect. Oftentimes, kindness doesn’t take much energy or money. It usually takes a little creativity and bravery. Break out of your myopic routine and take the time to share some love with the other people around you. Here are a few random acts of kindness you can do this week to make someone’s day:

  1. random acts of kindnessPay It Forward: Are you the kind that likes to frequent the local coffee shop drive thru? If so, then you can do something kind for the person in line behind you, and pay for their order. When you get to the counter to pay, tell the cashier that you’d like to pay for your tab as well as the one for the car behind you. That person will never get to see you or say thank you, but will be touched by your kindness, and share it with others.
  2. Say A Compliment: There are many thoughts that we think to ourselves as we are walking around, but we rarely ever say anything. In the case of something negative, do keep your thoughts to yourself, but if it’s something good, don’t be shy about sharing it. Tell the lady in line that you like her hair, or compliment the man walking by on his nice shoes. Point out the nice things that you see in others to boost their confidence. If you know someone more personally, tell them the things that you enjoy most about them. Make it a point to compliment someone that you see or know at least once a day to spread the kindness.
  3. Leave A Generous Tip: Decide to give someone a little financial boost one day. Go to a restaurant and leave your server more than a 20% tip. Often times people are going through financial struggles and the slightest bit of help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Write A “Just Because” Note: Have a pen and paper with you to write little notes of positivity. You can stash them around the park, in a store, slip them in books, leave them on cars, or hand them directly to the person. A little note that says that you’re important and loved can mean the world to someone. It’s always nice to find a kind surprise from a complete stranger.
  5. Leave A Positive Review: Did you have a great experience at a business? Most often, people only leave reviews when there was a bad experience, but the positive ones go unmentioned. Call the manager and let them know how great the employee that helped you did. It could give someone a raise or a promotion, which is a long lasting kind act. If you know the person more professionally, then you can write a recommendation on LinkedIn so that they get more exposure and more clients. Everyone loves hearing what a good job they did for others.

Don’t keep things to yourself. If you truly enjoyed an experience, then tell someone. If you want to say “Thank You” to those who serve our country, then put it into action by buying them some coffee. Go to a hospital and listen to the stories of the elderly. Be a friend to the friendless. As you share kindness, you’ll be rewarded tenfold in ways that you never imagined.

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