October Crafts for Kids

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The cooler weather may mean that your kids are spending more time indoors. If you want to get them doing something other than watching television or playing video games, it may be time to get out the crafting supplies.

Of course, October is prime time for pumpkins and all things Halloween! And to get the kids in the spirit of the month, here are some crafts they’ll love.

  • Easy Paper Pumpkin Craft: Paper, glue, and pipe cleaners are all you need to make these cute little pumpkins. The kids can make them in different shapes and sizes and then have fun decorating them with crayons, glitter, stickers – or whatever their hearts desire. These pumpkins will look cute on a coffee table, bookshelf, or window sill.
  • Potato Stamping Pumpkins: With this craft, the kids will make pumpkins from…POTATOES! Cut some different-sized potatoes in half, and they will make for the perfect little pumpkins. The kids can create an entire pumpkin patch on some craft paper – adding in some grass or a scarecrow, or even some spooky bats.
  • Puffy Paint Pumpkins: Do your children love puffy paint? Then make a big batch of it (all you need is glue and shaving cream) and let them have a blast creating some Puffy Paint Pumpkins. (They’ll even have fun helping you make the paint before they start the actual project.) Messy Little Monster even shares a pumpkin printable you can download for the kids to paint.
  • Spider Hat: If you have some construction paper and glue sticks, the kids can make a cute spider hat to wear. And if you want to make this craft extra fun – grab some 1-inch googly eyes
  • Spider Handprints: Yes, this craft might be a little messy, but the end result is a very cute spider that could be dropped in the mail to family or friends!
  • Spider Web Slime: At the mere mention of slime, you are going to be one very popular parent! But this slime is extra cool and fitting for the season as it looks like a spider web when stretched. And yes, it’s messy, but if you cover your table with a plastic tablecloth from the dollar store, it will help with the cleanup immensely.
  • Cardboard Tube Monsters: Some kids may think that monsters are scary, but these Cardboard Tube Monsters are extremely adorable (more like the monsters from the film Monsters, Inc.), and the kids can really get creative. Colors, eyes, hands, feet, clothes – you name it – your children can customize their monsters to their own personal tastes.
  • Cute Monster Bookmark: Do you have children who love to read? Then they’ll love to read even more when they have a Cute Monster Bookmark. Made with faux fur and googly eyes, they’re super sweet-looking and would make for awesome presents for their friends.
  • Paper Bag Monster Puppets: Paper lunch bags get a makeover with this craft! Your children will create some pretty unique monster puppets – and then they can put on a play for you!
  • Ghost Windsocks: Ghosts are definitely a Halloween favorite, and your children can make Ghost Windsocks fairly easily to hang in their rooms for the holiday. You’ll need:
    • white construction paper
    • white crepe paper or  a roll of white party streamer paper
    • black construction paper
    • a couple of pieces of yarn or cotton string
    • white glue 
    • scissors
    • a paper punch (not essential)
  • Halloween Pencil Toppers: Foam stickers and pipe cleaners are all you need to make Halloween Pencil Toppers! They’re super cute, and the kids will love practicing their writing when these are on their pencils.

This Halloween, grab all of the crafts supplies and let your kids get creative! It will certainly help them find their Halloween spirit and give you a few things to put on your refrigerator.

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