How to Make the Most of Your Airbnb Experience

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If you’re planning on doing some traveling this summer and are interested in exploring options for sleeping arrangements, then you may have considered using the couch-sharing service, Airbnb. Airbnb is becoming an increasingly popular choice for vacation-goers looking to save a little money without having to stay in a hotel or hostel. Although it can be a cheaper alternative and even make for a great story, deciding to use the online hospitality service certainly comes with its own list of do’s and don’ts. For those new to the world of Airbnb, we came up a few tips that will help you make the most of your experience!


  1. Always read the entire listing before making a reservation.

Although it can be time consuming and even painful to read every detail for each listing you come across, doing so can save you from making a huge mistake. Being thorough in your evaluation of each vacancy will help to shed light on anything you might otherwise miss, or anything the host does not necessarily want you to see. Unfortunately, not all hosts are upfront about their property or conditions of the arrangement, so you are taking a bit of a risk by trusting their descriptions, photos, and what they say. Be on the lookout for any additional or “hidden” costs the hosts might be trying to sneak past unsuspecting tenants. If you have questions, don’t be afraid to reach out to the host to inquire about any hesitations or concerns you may have.


  1. Create a great profile to be able to choose from more options

Many people complain that they are unable to find a place to stay, no matter how many requests they send to Airbnb hosts. There might be reason why you are continuously rejected, as there may be something about your profile that most hosts don’t like. Just like in the world of dating, there are red flags in the Airbnb community as well. Possible red flags include an incomplete profile, consistently leaving bad reviews of other hosts, or even an unfavorable profile picture (or the absence of one). Try looking at your profile through the eyes of a host, while asking yourself the question: “Would I be comfortable letting this person stay in my home?” If the answer is anything other than yes, then you should consider making some changes to your profile. If your profile looks complete, fair, and friendly, your requests are more likely to be approved and you may have the chance to choose from nicer accommodations with lower prices.


  1. Choose a place closer to the city center

If you’re looking to save even more money, you may want to consider staying in a place closer to the center of the city. While staying in the suburbs may be a lot cheaper, you can save a lot of money by being able to walk to local attractions rather than purchasing tickets for public transport, or spending your precious vacation time commuting to the city. It is always a good idea to check for places (restaurants, pubs, etc.) with a good price-quality ratio before you go on your trip so that you can plan ahead and save the money you can allocate to staying at a place more centrally located. You can even ask your host for recommendations in this department. As a local, he or she will have a more complete picture of what the city has to offer!


  1. Do your research and read reviews

One of the most telling aspects of whether or not a certain Airbnb host is right for you are the reviews left by previous tenants. While the host may have good intentions about renting out their space, your experience staying there may vary quite a bit from your expectations. This is because hosts, like many salespeople, tend to highlight the positive attributes and keep quiet about the not-so-positive ones. They may not necessarily be trying to deceive, but there is another side to the story. Get the inside scoop of what staying at your Airbnb is truly like by listening to the people who know best.


Overall, staying at an Airbnb can be a wonderfully enjoyable experience that can save you precious time and costly travel expenses. Deciding where to stay can be challenging, but it’s well worth it to dig a little deeper and make sure you’re staying with the best possible host. Considering things like location, honesty of the host, and online reviews can greatly help you to make the most of your Airbnb experience. Any other tips for Airbnb’ers? Give us your thoughts!

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