Fall Craft Ideas for Kids

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As the weather turns colder, you may find that your children are spending more time indoors. And rather than have them watching television or playing video games, a crafting project or two can always be a fun way to pass some time. 

And yes, crafting with kids can get messy. But, if you want to make cleanup a snap after crafting, place a disposable table cloth on your dining table (you can usually pick them up at the dollar store) and then just toss it in the trash. Laying down newspaper is also an excellent way to make cleanup a breeze.

And here are some fall crafts that you and the kids will love making!

  • Pumpkin Apple Stamps: Any project involving googly eyes is destined to be a good one, and these pumpkins made from apple stamps are so cute! Buy apples in several different sizes and let the kids stamp away. They can make all sorts of different colored pumpkins (or even apples) and create some cute art.
  • Glow Stick Broomsticks: What child doesn’t love glow sticks? You can usually find them at the dollar store, and this craft is really simple and makes for a great alternative to handing out candy or for Halloween party favors. 
  • Colorful Patterned Owls: These adorable owls made from paper plates can be customized by your children to fit their tastes. They can paint them, add construction paper, or you could even pick up some faux feathers at the craft store.
  • Pony Bead Indian Corn: Pony beads are great for working on fine motor skills as your kids will have to concentrate and focus on their dexterity. This Indian Corn craft is cute, and you could easily use what the kids make as place cards for Thanksgiving by slipping a card between the rows.
  • Paper Pumpkins: These paper pumpkins will look so cute on a table, bookshelf or mantel – and if the kids don’t want to make them – you can! It’s a simple craft that has the kids folding paper to make the various layers. So simple!
  • Egg Carton Turkeys: Do you love a project that involves recycling? Then save your egg cartons and have the kids make these turkeys. They have both googly eyes and feathers – so it’s a double win!!
  • Scarecrow Mason Jar: Mason jar projects are great as you end up with a finished product that provides some fun storage for small items. This scarecrow mason jar is perfect for fall – and would make a great teacher gift!
  • Leaf Silhouette Art: This leaf silhouette art is beautiful – and can be scaled in difficulty for children of all ages. You can use different mediums to create the art (paint, washi tape, yarn, colored paper, etc.), and in the end, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind creation.
  • Yarn Wrapped Mummy: Is there such a thing as a cute mummy? Yes! Yes, there is! These are really cute – and would look great strung together as a Halloween garland.
  • Leaf Suncatcher: Fall still has plenty of sunshine, and this leaf suncatcher will look great on a window in your home. You can download the leaf templates and get started making these!
  • Falling Leaves Garland: Do you want a sweet fall garland to hang? Then grab the glitter (which will make the kids ecstatic) and let them help you make some glitter leaves. The end project is rather refined, and the kids will love that they were able to help.
  • Popsicle Stick Pumpkin Magnet: Popsicle sticks, paint, glue, and googly eyes – what more could kids want in a craft project? And then you can put it on the refrigerator – to hold up the school calendar!

Fall crafts bring about all the best of the season – pumpkins, apples, leaves, Halloween, and Thanksgiving! Let the kids get creative and try some of these crafts to celebrate all that autumn has to offer. 

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