15 Fun Outdoor Spring Activities

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Old Man Winter is still trying to hang on, but the warm weather is starting to shake him off. It’s time to get outside! The grass is getting greener, all of the trees are in bloom, and you can ditch the big jacket. Open up those windows and let the fresh air come in, because it’s spring! Whether you are with a group of friends, or you have kids, all of these are “Must-Do” springtime activities.

  1. Picnic: Pack up some finger foods, pack a blanket, and sit under a tree to enjoy even more of the beautiful outdoor weather. Listen to the birds chirping and take in the sights and smells of everything in bloom.
  2. Farmer’s Markets: The best food in life is fresh, locally grown produce. You’ll never get anything closer to the farm than a Farmer’s market. It’s all of the best foods without the hassle of growing your own garden. Plus, it’s a fun time to stroll around and here live music and meet new folks that live near you.
  3. Pick Strawberries: Grab a bucket, and pile in as many ripe strawberries as you can fit. You may end up eating more than you put in your bucket!
  4. Sit Outside At A Cafe: That morning coffee is even better when you sip it with the cool morning spring air. Let the sun gently warm you while you read your morning paper to get your day started.
  5. Fly A Kite: A classic! As the weather changes, plenty of wind will be blowing through. Teach the kids how to fly a kite.
  6. Go To The Zoo: Spring is the perfect time for walking around. Take a group to the zoo and visit all of the exotic animals.
  7. Grow Something Green: Get a container and plant your favorite flower, or try your hand at growing some vegetables. Petunias are a great hanging plant for any patio.
  8. Hike: Get down and dirty with nature in a hike. There are a number of great trails to follow that are within a 30-60 minute drive from Easthampton, NJ. Bring plenty of water with you!
  9. Kayak: Have a nice day out over the water while you get a little exercise. The Rancocas Creek is a wonderful place to cruise and enjoy the nature around you while you paddle along.
  10. Petting Zoo: Kids love petting zoos— it’s when their storybooks come to life, and they get to touch new animals.
  11. Grill Out: Fire up the grill and put the steaks on; it’s time to chow down on some serious grub! Grilling veggies is a great way to add new flavor and texture to your plate.
  12. Feed The Ducks: The Canadian Geese are back and the Mallards are out to play. Grab your bag of stale bread and make some new friends along the pond.
  13. Go To The Park: It’s perfect weather for a walk or a jog around the park. Or, bring a book and sit under a tree for an afternoon.
  14. Paint Terracotta Pots: Add some personal flare to your outdoor garden. Paint a terracotta planter with the kids, or decorate it in your favorite color. Then plant some herbs to add some flavor to the kitchen.
  15. Go Camping: Pack everyone and everything up, and head out! Let’s pitch a tent somewhere and sleep under the stars.

The day’s are getting longer and a little bit warmer. Enjoy all the things you can during our spring, before the hot summer days arrive. Be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen and drink plenty of water!

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